Wednesday, November 30, 2005

JUTE GOODS EXPORTERS from Bangladesh India China Thailand

Bangladesh is the largest producer of jute in the world. Nearly 90 % of world's total production of jute is harvested in Bangladesh. India is the second producer of jute which is nearly 7.5 % of world's total production. China, Thailand, Spain, Brazil and Australia produce the rest of it.

There are many jute mills and industries in Bangladesh, India and China which are making jute goods like
jute bags, hessian fabrics, burlap sacks, jute yarn, jute rope/cord, webbings, carpets, espadrilles etc. Reasonably jute industries in Bangladesh make major parts of jute goods and export to other countries. Jute goods exporters from Bangladesh dominate the world market of jute products. Indian, Chinese and Thai jute goods producers meet their local demand basically.

Cotheeka Jute Industry in Bangladesh is a major jute goods exporters in Bangladesh. There are also other jute mills in Bangladesh that export jute goods in plenty. Find some jute goods exporters at BD Trade Zone. Also check at Jute Directory.

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